Modern Times in an Old City: Boston & Cambridge

Hyatt Cambridge early morning view from hotel room.
Sitting area at Hyatt Cambridge overlooking the Charles River.
Well I've been a crazy workaholic as of late which has brought me to the east coast twice in the past month or so. The first time back in September I spent most of my time in Charlestown and Cambridge. The best thing about Charlestown was the meal I had at the Navy Yard Bistro and Wine Bar
Dinner at Navy Yard Bistro and Wine Bar.
The meal was delish, taking something classic and adding a fresh twist, local scallops and fresh arugula plus mashed potatoes with a bit of basil mixed in. The meal was really perfect despite the fact I was dining alone. Two times while I was in Charlestown I jumped out of surprise when I heard the sound of the canon from the USS Constitution being shot off at 7pm each night. The second time I was out for a run trying to squeeze some health in between work only to be "shot" at from an antique boat and its crew.
USS Constitution, Charlestown, MA.

Big comfy bed, with iPod alarm clock.

The Hyatt provides toothpaste. A modern take on the old shower cap offering.
After spending 2 nights in Charlestown I moved over to Cambridge and found a great rate that was less than my government allotment at the Hyatt Cambridge. The rest of the pictures here are of my room there. I gotta say I thought Cambridge was a great option for staying in but outside of Boston. The room was really big and super comfortable. The rate was very reasonable and the view from the hotel restaurant and many of the rooms is a lovely one of the Charles River. I really enjoyed being surrounded by notables buildings and architecture and history but going back to my modern dwelling at night. 
Bedside table and lamp with plug-ins built in.
Vanity outside of bathroom, next to closet, made for a nice changing room.