On the Road, Hotel Rooms: DENVER

So I realize this blog is really about modern Eugene Oregon and our life there - but when I'm not there I'm working on living modern in other cities. Most recently I've been to Colorado and now I'm in D.C. The pictures above are from an Hyatt at the Tech Center. I really liked the hotel design. It's hard to see in these pictures but the tones were browns, blues, and greys. Lots of slick silver hardware and note one of my fave features from the Hyatt chain - an alarm clock with an ipod plug in - you can charge and wake up to your own music! Love it. Now unless you have a meeting in the offices close by I wouldn't recommend staying here - but the rooms were super comfy and the style was distinctly modern!


Thrift Store Find! Blue Vintage Vase

Here I am on the road again, blogging from a hotel room. Tonight's hotel room is not so modern but last night I was at the Hyatt in Denver and the lines are clean modern and so much faux bois - it was cool but it was straddling that dangerous and dreaded OVERKILL threshold. More on that later.  Right now I'm sharing a find from a recent thrift store scavenger hunt. It was originally 16 bucks which is more than I like to pay for a thrift store but it must have been my lucky day and yellow was half off so I picked it up for 8. Anyway I've got it set up in the living room. I'll be back in Modern Eugene and blogging on Saturday. Cheers!


Adventures in L.A. L.A. Land: Part III

There's no doubt about it - this kitchen rocks! This kitchen is mostly vintage - found in a gorgeous California Modern Living house in the Cliff May tradition. Of course things like the cooktop were updated within the last 20 years. But the folks living here are the original owners and these cabinets are to die for. You just don't see these much anymore and in this amazing condition. You're probably thinking, "well the color is cool but. . ." It's true the color is super sweet but the materials  - a metal  of some sort covered in enamel - make this kitchen indestructibly modern. The drawer pulls were a very ergonomic wedge. Note the brown thin narrow rectangle in the right corner of the bottom drawers. Yup, it's a pull out cutting board! Plus there is a twin on the other side of the kitchen for symmetry and function! Last but far from least is the great globe overhead lighting. This kitchen belongs to the grandparent of one of our friends. We had the restful post-wedding brunch at this house and to be sure although the company and pool beckoned I really just wanted to sit a spell in this lovely location. Thanks to the brides for a fabulous weekend in LaLaLand. It was the best ever! Cheers to an excellent California Summer of Love. And cheers to the future Fall on our doorstep - a great time for nesting in modern spaces. I think I found a place for the Modernica Rocker - so stay tuned!


Adventures in L.A. L.A. Land: Part II

Next up is a fab modern house that we drove by in South Pasadena. Loveitloveitloveit! Thanks to Derek for passing on the pixs. I love the geometric aspect of this jewel plus of course the contrast of the dark wood stain and the white (possibly stuccoed) walls. It's flashy in a simple way. I'm not sure there is a specific genre that this fits in but I'm thinking - L.A. Modern (LaMo for short?). It reminds me of the  "Houses We Love" section of DWELL magazine except much more livable and aesthetically accessible by the average non-Modern loving individual. In fact there is a very close resemblance to these twins in San Diego, just a couple hours south. Maybe LaMo needs to be broadened to SCM - So Cal Modern. Thoughts? Opinions?
P.S. There's a Part III that was a major highlight (apart from the modernly fabulous wedding we were at). I'll post that Wednesday evening! 

Adventures in L.A. L.A. Land: Part I

Mr. Monkey and I were on a wedding adventure in Los Angeles over labor day weekend and the pictures are in.  First up - my brother - Lucky Monkey, received a gorg sideboard - MCM and it's  LANE! Hence the nickname. It turns out Lucky Monkey also received two Lane nightstands MCM. Here are pictures of the lucked upon treasure plus the Lane markings! You can see the bachelor is using the sweet sliding sideboard drawers for Christmas ornament storage. It could be worse. I guess .  . .


Found, Eames Rocker!

So you may recall not too long ago I had some issues with Craigslist. Not because it's not a great service. Really the problem was me and my lack of sales skills (read posts here and here). So I've determined that I'm much better at buying off of Craigslist. I went back my to my old ways - and I think I had quite a score. Ta dah! Yup that's right - an Eames rocker! on Eugene's craigslist! Crazy I know. Before you start looking at our craigslist even though you're over in Missouri or Illinois you should know it is a Modernica. And technically I can't use the Eames name because it hasn't been properly licensed but apparently it's made from originals molds. You can read about it in Dwell letters to the editor in recent issues. There's a debate but as far as I'm concerned the debate ends when you find one that is in your price range and you love the color and it fits the space your working with. Now the only glitch here is that I had no designated space - the color and the price were right and I figured the space would present itself. Stay tuned for the placing ceremony . . .