My Adventures with Craigslist

Well Mr. Monkey and I are trying our hand at selling furniture on Craigslist. For our first attempt we have a desk that I painted in order to have it live in our house a little longer. We ended up keeping the desk for another year - so the $10 dollar investment in paint was worth it. Here's the desk. I posted it yesterday and so far I've had only one inquiry.  
Our office feels so much larger now that we no longer have this desk in there. I really do like the colors but had hoped for a darker chocolate brown instead of a milky latte brown. We're only asking $20 bucks for it so I'm still hopeful that someone may want it. Fingers crossed.
This year my big hope has been to not buy new furniture as a matter of principle. Our environmental interests are not congruent with the idea of purchasing new furniture. Often we don't know where it comes from nor who made it. So in an effort to reuse more and recycle more our involvement in Eugene's Craigslist has been very handy. I've always been on the buying end though and not the selling end. I have to say I think I prefer the buying. 
Also in an effort to follow some of the guidelines offered by the Apartment Therapy book we're overdue to get rid of a few things since we have purchased a few items. We must make an exchange otherwise our house will overflow with stuff and it simply doesn't matter if it's recycled or not. 
That's the little monkey in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. He's fearlessly guarding the desk. We're keeping him for the time being.

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  1. Your cute lil' kitty is looking pretty attached to that desk.
    Good luck selling!