Big Flashy Signs in Nashville

So I've got a lot of travel pics that I have yet to post including these pics of fun and flashy signs in Nashville. I consider them mostly eye-candy for the font and sign obsessed amongst you - you know who you are . . .  Hatch Show Print of course is the famous design and print shop for music concert posters - one of their most famous of course being for Johnny Cash.   They started way back in 1879 and are one of the oldest continuously running letterpresses in the country. Also below are some pictures of Hatch Show Print posters, from Hank Williams to Laurie Anderson they've made posters for them all. My favorite sign though in all of Nashville had nothing to do with excellence in the art of signs and fonts no, this sign has a much more modern appeal . . . scroll down to check it out yourself. Let's just say I have never seen this combination of words on any sign anywhere together. Enjoy!

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