Eames Molded Chair - Hiding Spot

I don't know if you knew this but . . . these chairs are hiding from us. They are hiding out in the open - in places where people walk by them unknowingly and unappreciatively thinking, "I wish the boss would get rid of those old chairs." Case in point - the picture below. Excuse the quality of the picture I only had my cell phone on hand. I was working hard at my day job and I happened to be visiting the central office of a local school district and what did I spy with my little eye? 3 - you got it 3 - Eames Fiberglass Armchairs - they are old and authentic and have probably been hanging around this building since it was built in the 50's. So as I'm leaving I take a picture with my cell and more chairs start jumping at out me from behind a door or next to a table in the hallway. In total I counted 6! A friend suggested I make a donation to the school district of 6 gorgeous new chairs and I unload them of those ancient burdens. Hmm . . . any other ideas?


  1. I love the treasure hunting idea. I let you know if I find any such gems.

  2. Many of these treasures are hiding under the noses of the less interested. Keep your eyes peeled and keep us posted. I keep on dreaming of these Eames chairs - staring at them in the dappled light . . . ahhh. Happy hunting!