Before and After: Office

The short story is that we had this room that was ambiguous. It had no real purpose other than to store books and to walk through to get to the patio. Well now that we have this fabulous wall unit it's the office and hang out space. I'm pleased with how it's functioning - not too big, cozy, and best of all it still works as a pass through to the patio but one that we linger in much longer. The 3 seater proved to be a bit longer than we thought but we like the combo so much it's staying put! The purchase of the 3 seater and wall unit at Hawthorne Vintage in PDX are documented HERE. Another great little thing about the 3 seater is that the velvety material on the seat is a cinch to remove cat-hair from; that meow meow monkey cat is furry and sheds and this 3 seater doesn't pay it any attention. The backs of the 3 seater are leather and oh so comfy! We're off to a wedding in B.C. for the weekend so I hope this before and after will hold you over a spell.

In other news I had a birthday recently and Mr. Monkey was so smart and thoughtful! For one of my birthday gifts he gave me a gift certificate to my favorite EUGENE vintage shop - Oak Street Vintage. Yippee! I have yet to go on my shopping spree - and if that's not teaser enough for you then how about this? Next week I have a faux bois thrift store score to share!

Live modern. Be well. Or is it?  Be Modern. Live well. In any case I wish some combination of those words for you . . . .


  1. Is that a blown up picture of you grandpa that I see? My dad just recently showed us that photo.

  2. Hi Anais! No, it's a poster of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy, legends of the Beat Generation. I think I've seen the photo you're talking about though.