Landed . . . a wall unit

Here's our new wall unit. This picture was taken at Hawthorne Vintage and Sheila there was nice enough and smart enough to take this picture and send it to us so that Mr. Monkey would know how to put it back together. In our search for a wall unit we also ventured over to Look Modern. Oh my modern! Everything is gorgeous there. You must go if you're in Portland or you can check out their web site and drool from the comfort of your home or your place of business (during your lunch break only of course). While we were picking up our furniture at Hawthorne Vintage I perused the latest issue of Atomic Ranch. I was tempted to purchase it but it was $6.95! Too damn pricey for me for a magazine. I was also turned off by my own preconceived notions about the city mentioned in their cover story - San Jose. I admit this is wrong of me and hypocritical. In fact there is proabably some girl in San Jose writing a blog just like this trying to convince the world that San Jose is much more modern than folks think. So I'm sorry San Jose and Atomic Ranch. I still don't want to pay 7 dollars for a magazine though. Signing off from sizzling Phoenix . . .

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