You read it right - not archeology, not ecology, not architecture - but arcology. I just returned from a day exploring Arcosanti - the vision manifest of architect, Paolo Soleri. It was a vision. The spot is gorgeous - the ideas are romantic and the design is a lesson in dichotomies - curves and angles, modern and romantic, smooth and rough, wood and cement, colors and neutrals, experts and apprentices. Overall the experience was lovely - the dining room is a highlight - with two story tall windows framed by huge circles cut from concrete looking out over the ravine and mesa across the ravine. I can absolutely understand the attraction of living in this ever-changing community althought the heat and slower rate of progress would be discouraging. People have been building the community for over 30 years and while they have a lot to show they also have a long way to go with limited funds. It does seem that wth a stronger business vision to match the creative vision there could be more progress. More on this later . . .


  1. Hi Erin - What a fun blog!! As an interior designer, my favorite design era is Midcentury Modern. Unfortunately, a lot of clients don't go for it. I'm so excited to see that you are into it! Ebay is a great resource for vintage pieces from this era. There are a number of textile designers out there making retro prints that would look fabulous on midecentury pieces. Designsponge is a great way to find these designers. Let me know if you want some names down the road.

    Arcosanti is beautiful! We have a beautiful arcosanti bell that I just love.

    Glad we got to hang before we left town. Can't wait to see your place on our next Eugene visit!


  2. We too have an Arcosanti bell but I had never been to visit and to observe the process. It's always lovely to visit the place where hand-crafted items are built. Thanks for your comments!