Decision Time: Flor Tiles as Runner

Okay peeps - I've had it with our runners - that's right we have 2 to be annoyed with. We've had them for 3 years now. We got them a target when we just had moved back to Oregon after life in Phoenix. We didn't have a bunch of money but Mr. Monkey moved us into this little dump of a place that hard horrendous carpet - complete with stains even after 2 stints of professional carpet "cleaning" - oh yeah they were gross. The best we could do was cover them up. I proceeded to buy a rug and these two runners. They've done their job. It's time to move on. 
I've been admiring Flor for awhile now - through the catalog, online, and in Modern, a nice home furnishings store here in Eugene. The cool thing about going to Modern and not online is that I can actually touch and feel the tiles and check them out from the store. So I went on Saturday to check out a few of the tiles and here they are. We narrowed it down to 4 first. Pictured to the right. And then narrowed it down even more.
 It's funny though the one I'm leaning towards the most is the very first one I picked in the store - I guess I just knew. At first though when I showed them Mr. Monkey - the one I first thought was right he first thought was wrong. Uh oh. Once he saw them laid down on the floor he was fine with the final two. So that's them at the top of the post - the final two. Feel free to express an opinion. Even if you're opinion is "paint those ugly walls." Here's a link to a picture of the living room and the office to get an idea of the color scheme of the house and how it will all fit together. Cheers!


Seattle Times: Hip Items of Note

Here are just a few more images we captured from our Seattle weekend that I thought other modern monkeys might enjoy! First up Super sweet vinyl chairs in the Experience Music Project (EMP) cafe. I love the the tan and black together. Next up - a spinning elephant! The sign and the car wash appear to be functioning. 
Then we have a sweet store front off of Denny or was it Bellevue in the Capitol Hill Area. Anyway it's called the Pretty Parlor and isn't it, though? I like their vision of retro pink. Check out their website & tag line "Where Audrey Hepburn meets Judy Jetson."

While we were walking around downtown looking for a lunch spot we came across this tape measure! We were in a rush so I didn't stop to notice what the building was and if the oversized tape measure was related in anyway to the function of the building or if it was just there for fun and not function. 

And then there was this crazy kinda subversive "fun house" mascot. He was a little freaky looking - you can understand how it caught my eye. We also thought it was cool how prominently they were advertising for their RollerGirls. We have several RollerGirls teams as well that are pretty amazing! But nowhere in Eugene can I think of a big sign like this other than at the RollerGirl Store - Emerald City Skates. I love Eugene because we do contribute a lot of crazy for a little city but it's always refreshing and stimulating to head to the big Emerald City.