Danish Teak Sideboard - To Purchase or Not to Purchase?

Well I've got a birthday coming up and I was thinking about making a special request from Mr. Monkey. I found this Danish Teak sideboard on Craigslist for $375 dollars. I'm going to go check it out this evening. I'll look for stamps or labels to help identify. But if I can't find a stamp or a label the question is - is it worth it? Anything over $200 dollars I have to really pause and think about it. Apparently it is about 60 inches long and 18 inches deep and I think it's just too long for our small house. I was thinking about using it as a dresser for clothes instead of a traditional sideboard. It's just so pretty. I've tried researching a little on the web and so far I've found similar styles but no exact matches so pricing is proving a challenge.  Here's a close up of the recessed handles. I love the dual colored stains and the rounded corners. 
UPDATE: So after much deliberation and help from fellow MCM junkies on Lotta Livin'. I rested on the idea that the sideboard was in fact a G plan from England designed by a Danish designer, Ib Kodof Larsen. I contacted the seller to say that I would have to pass (it didn't fit in the designated space). The next day they had reposted the piece for $50 dollars cheaper so I contacted them via email and told them what web research and Lotta Livin' people had turned up and that they should look for the red label etc. and call a MCM dealer, etc. Anyway they did and they found the red label!!! Which they were going to tear off!!!! The couple was thrilled that they had such a great MCM find and now they are more likely to find someone to take it who would truly appreciate it. Of course I'm sad to see such a sweet piece go, but I'm thrilled to know that unique MCM furniture does exist for great prices on Eugene's Craigslist.  And they all lived happily ever after!


  1. I love Danish modern. My one concern with the piece is the finish. An original finish would be duller than what appears to be a shine in the photo.

    I've seen similar pieces in Tucson in mint condition for more than double that price, so you may still be getting a deal. It's all about construction details.

    In the end, if you like at the piece and will use it, it's totally worth the money. I endorse 100% especially as a dresser

  2. Thanks, Christy. Yes, you're right about the sheen. I posted the same question at lottaliving.com and another MCM enthusiast there pointed out the sheen as well. Not sure how I missed it. I was just so thrilled to see something like it in Eugene - actually Springfield!

  3. That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Modern Sideboards.

  4. I just bought one of these in Leicester, England,cost me with the current exchange rate about $50 ,I'm really happy,or as we say here"I'm chuffed as ****"best wishes,Spike