Modern Fences 1

Another place that Mr. Monkey and I will be looking to update is our fence. It is in bad bad shape. Part of it blew over in  a wind storm over the winter. This is the first of many posts with pictures of fencing. While the old standby - cedar - is lovely and can be built in creative ways I would like to contribute to the interesting modern fences of Eugene. 

Here's a possibility we're considering. It's a picture of a cool fence with mixed materials we found on a walk in Tucson, AZ in the Sam Hughes neighborhood. Mr. Monkey is not so sure about corrugated metal but I'm liking it. I also really like board form concrete. But Mr. Monkey is right to think that it may too different for the neighbors that we share this fence with. Thanks to CMM for the board form picture.

Finally here's a slideshow of cool fences from Dwell Magazine's website. Actually they're not that cool - they're convenient because they're gathered together in one spot but in general they are pretty standard. It's still fun to go to the Dwell website though. So many slideshows so little time . . .


  1. I think more open fences (metal mesh, chain-link, etc) work better in community-conscious Eugene. Chain-link is never a good option, though, that's why I like Dwell magazine's picture of the wood-and-metal fence (#4). With this fence, I would substitute the artsy metal work for a thick-gauge, square-hole mesh, either welded wire or a flat sheet with holes.

  2. This is a good point for a front yard fence. More open is better. But fr the side I think the privacy factor is big with our houses so close together. Not that I don't want to see my neighbors - in fact it may be the other way around with our late night summer discussions after a couple pints of Ninkasi total domination. OH and I've gone back to update the Dwell link and that slideshow is no where to be found. Darn it.
    Thanks for the commiseration on the chain link. ; )