Bikes, Kitchens, and Siding, Oh My!

Okay so this post is not exactly about modern design instead I just watched this video about modern life. Our big brother to the north Portland is a cool city - it's true. Here's some inspiration for all of us. I just sent this video of Portland's "Sunday Parkways" off to our city office of transportation. Hopefully someone will use it as their great idea and initiate this exciting way to encourage people to ride their bikes. I know I need all the encouragement I can get . . . I am a good walker however and on another walk through the neighborhood I came across this house that has recently been remodeled. What do you all think about it? I like that they were daring (for the neighborhood) and used different materials. I do not like the 2 small square windows at the front of what clearly used to be a garage. So at the same time I applaud them but also wish they had been given better design advice by their contractor. Sidenote: I didn't post the picture of their house with the contractor's sign proudly displayed out front because I've heard through the grapevine that they are unprofessional (often behind schedule) and they tend to be sloppy. So I'm wondering if they just did what the client said - or maybe there were budget constraints or something. Because it does appear to be missing something or just not quite right. I think it's the small windows on such a large wall. I do really like the siding, the corrugated metal wall, and their use of the color red. I'm glad folks like this are in the neighborhood and willing to take a risk. I should take a page from their book. Today Mr. Monkey and I discussed the option of redoing our kitchen to open it up to both living spaces on either side with a big island in the middle. I know this is very trendy but it would fit our entertaining life so much better. Anyway before the summer is over I hope to get a few estimates and proposals. So much to do so little time (and money) . . .  

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