Modern Mexico City: Part 4

One of my very favorite buildings to visit in Mexico City is a department store! If you know me you know that I actually hate malls so this favorite building is a surprising choice. This building, known as Casa de los Azulejos, is the home on Sanborn's department store. The interesting thing about the building is that you can walk in and it looks like a normal department store. You have to walk towards the center of the building to discover this gem of a restaurant. You'll find a 3 story tall atrium with amazing artwork, intricate details, and pretty decent food to boot. You can dine on the two bottom floors and it seems like the upper floor is used for private parties or special occasions. I love this building so much because it takes the home of a wealthy family, built in the 1790's, and provides it with a modern life that is now a constant hub of activity. One of the highlights of the building an Orozco mural painted in 1925. This is one building where you really want to take the stairs! Modern designers should take note that details are included everywhere, the floor, the ceilings, the walls, and especially the staircases. 

Second floor dining terrace.

Heading up to the 2nd floor,  concrete tile ceiling detail, note the stair tiles.

First floor dining. Highlights = garden murals and tufted leather booths.

Happy me, enjoying eggs with a corn cream sauce, not what I expected but delicious.

This is the ceiling!!! Tiles on the ceiling. Love the pattern.

Here's that same ceiling from the second floor terrace.

You win, by making it to the end of this blog post, you get to see the Orozco 1925 mural. Amazing!