Curtains: IKEA Saved the Day!

The Final Scene (for now . . .)
I searched and I searched, I drove and I drove and in the end IKEA won and I won.
Crazy gauzy stuff, that is your iron on hemm from IKEA

I made a fold at the desired length, placed the iron on stick-um and folded the fabric over it.
The iron, the fold, and the scissors

The naked window.
The Dignitet from IKEA, cool but best used in a wall stud.

The Dignitet installed, but because it's not in a wall stud it's already pulling away from the wall. Ick.

I was not sure about the blue, I thought it may too much, but it's working for me. 
The whole front wall, Crestview door included.


Rugs: Modern and Inexpensive?

 I've been on a mission for the proper living room rug. I gotta says it's been a challenge. First of all the room is an odd shape. Second, rugs are expensive! And since all our money is blown on the construction there's not much change in the purse to buy the decoratives. So in these pics I've got 2 rugs. The first I really enjoyed when I saw it at IKEA. Enough to go back buy it, place it in our room, realize it was too small and then take it back! The second rug is a little bigger which is good and I love the color but the size is still not ideal. I got it from TJ Maxx for a great price and it is really working in the space right now. I need to get a detail shot of it because it's a rug with ridges and grooves in a cool geometric pattern. The color is also great because it pulls in the Jay Ryan print from the other side of the room seen HERE and here. We still have yet to hang art and I've finally got curtains up (that will be another post). But all in all things are getting put back in their proper places - including my fave Heywood Wakefield Lounger, Ottoman, and the Blue Modernica Eames rocking chair - deep sigh of contentment.