LACMA: California Dreamin' of Mid-Century Life in the Modern Day

I knew it was going to be good when I saw that Airstream.
In January we stopped over in SoCal and visited the L.A. County Art Museum (LACMA) exhibit called "California Design, 1930-1965: 'Living in a Modern Way.' It was a short exhibit that packed many examples of the California mid-century life-style into a relatively small space. The exhibit offered prime artifacts that represented all aspects of everyday life from tea sets, bathing suits, video home tours, and of course furniture, furniture, and more furniture. The diamond of the exhibit is the re-created living room of Ray and Charles Eames of which you're not allowed to photograph but we may have caught one by accident. Here are a few pictures just from my phone because we haven't even downloaded the ones from the camera but here's a sampling anyway. The exhibit is going on until June so get your fanny over there. When your feet are pooped from walking all over the many buildings of LACMA you can have a glass of wine in a Bertoia bar stool at the museum cafe or Little Ethiopia is around the corner. We had an amazing meal at Merkato on Fairfax, the food was great and the staff was kind and informative when we were a little naive about certain foods. We even did a little Ethiopian beer tasting. You know you're at the right spot when the first thing you see is a bright shinny bean with an open door that is just screaming "WELCOME HOME!" Enjoy!
Hubba hubba! Check out that shape.

Last time I was at Eugene's Cone/Ball they had a prime example of the middle Eames chair.

What font is that? I love it!
LACMA at dusk. 
I think I might have said a bad but good exclamation when I first set my eyes on this bone chair. LOVE IT!

Here's a close up.

This was a desk and chair originally in Disney studios I think.
Yes, the clock is sexy but check out out the caption for the Ice Gun.

FYI Eugene fashion people - I would wear this at a summer BBQ.
I would also wear the bathing suit on the left.

I did not take this illegal picture! Proof? I'm in it! In between the indoor planter and light. Looks like Ray and Charles had me over.
Studebaker Avanti - super sexy for your late night drives between LA and Palm Springs!
An indoor planter in the coffee table - love it!!!

Cheers to LACMA and to the celebration of designers who knew all about modern life before it happened.