Cheap thrills in Doe Bay, Orcas Island

View from the main beach in front of the cafe and office.
Back in October Mr. Monkey and I needed to take care of some family business up in the Seattle area. Along the way we decided to take a few days for some down time. We took the ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island and in a few short hours we were living the island life. Way back when, the Bearcat Monkeys (our college new years family) went to Orcas and rented a hosue. We stopped for an evening and visited the grounds of the Doe Bay Resort. It was beautiful but crowded during the New year holiday so this time we had the idea that we would visit mid-week. That was exactly what we needed. We arrived on a Monday and left on a Wednesday and it was extremely peaceful. Now if you've ever been to an all-inclusive resort in the Carribean you know the luxury that comes with the title "resort". Just so you know, please do not expect that here. Doe Bay is the perfect resort for those of you who want rustic cabins with options to go to a homey cafe with amazing food where you can wear your jeans and fleece. Check it out! Peace and relaxation will be yours. Don't forget your yoga mat and binoculars!
The view from our deck.

The beach below the spas. There is a yurt just to
the left of where Mr. Monkey is standing.

Dinner from the cafe is made with fresh veggies from the garden on the property!

A sweet little island in the middle of Mountain Lake on Mt. Constitution.

A closer view of the island.
No photography allowed - but since no one was there . . .

We inherited this sea kayak and took it out
for a look about from the Doe Bay beach.