Oregon Ducks Training Facility: Casanova Center

Yesterday was the Spring Oregon Ducks football game here in town. The longer I've lived in Eugene the more I become aware of football activities. One of the exciting things about the spring game (I hear) is that the new duck uniforms are released. You can see pictures at the link to the ducks facebook page. Anyway it got me thinking about the Women's Football Clinic that we went to in Spring 2012. Part of the time was spent taking pictures of the work out facilities and the health care areas. Check out the modern Nike aesthetic. I know I wouldn't mind being sore if I could soak and do PT in this individual pool. Although I have to admit I would want to earn a salary on top of getting my tuition paid for (my two cents). Scroll all the way to the bottom to see a quick video of special privacy glass. Enjoy these pics from behind the scenes at the Casanova Center.

Small group meeting room


Dentist chair


Exam tables used for massages, PT, doctor's exams.

Meeting room

Slightly more private PT or exam room. The glass can fog up with the touch of a button, see video at the end of this post.

More exam tables, can be adjusted by the touch of a button, extra sturdy and long to support large players.

The row of lights and exam tables.


Record Store Day: A Modern Mash-up

It's record store day (RSD) people! So stop by your local record store. My fave RSD was at CD World here in Eugene (they do sell plenty o' vinyl despite the name) when they asked Frank Black (of Pixies and now "This is 40" fame) to stop by. I think there were only about 150 people there as he wailed away on his guitar singing and playing a lot of oldies but goodies. His voice is still so versatile. 

We love our music and Mr. Monkey especially loves his vinyl.  So a few years ago I picked up a record player for Mr. Monkey's birthday so he could break out the high school and college record collection. It was a relatively inexpensive gift that allowed him to clear out a bit of space in the garage. Ever since then the records have been living in a card box that I covered with cute fabric. Recently our favorite local store Oak Street Vintage posted this lovely audio credenza on their Facebook page. I sent a FB message over to Cora, she sent back the dimensions and I knew it would fit. I gave her a phone call and she placed it on hold for us so that we could come on over that evening! Who knew shopping by Facecrack could be so simple! (Did I mention OSV is having their annual Earth Day Sale - so stop by the shop tomorrow or Monday). The little credenza fit in the back seat of the car! Once we got it home the perfect match magic continued. The top even opens so that we can have easy access to the record player! I'm happy because we have a tidy entertainment center that goes with our vintage style and Mr. Monkey is happy because he can get to his tunes. Next up is stuffing those pesky wires into the wall!

Modern Mexico City: Part 1

Mr. Monkey and I recently had a wonderful time visiting family in Mexico City.  Believe it or not, the artistic highlight of the trip was found at the Ministry of Education where the walls on all 3 levels facing the 2 central courtyards are covered in Diego Rivera murals. You can see that the ceilings were also painted which really helps to transport you into Diego Rivera's world. There is a strong and active staff keeping the building in tip top shape. You can see a woman was cleaning the bannister. Her uniform matches Mr. Rivera's red perfectly and the sunlight through the arches mirrors the scalloped ceiling. Diego Rivera's art always makes me think about the power of people without power. His art is a beautiful example of government supporting artists to tell the story of the people even if it doesn't show the government in a positive light. In fact in some of the sections of the mural below you can see Mr. Rivera making fun of the wealthy and the politicians. Notice the small Statue of Liberty. It's as if they dine on freedom and the bank vault is music to their ears as they read what their latest profits are from the ticker tape that is woven across the dinner table. On a lighter note you can also play a game of Where's Waldo, except you'll have to look for me, Mr. Monkey, and most importantly revolutionary Frida.