Andaz San Diego, Hyatt: Fun in the Sun

Andaz San Diego rooftop bar.

Andaz San Diego rooftop lounge.
private-ish poolside lounge area.
rooftop lounge with living wall partition.
I traveled to San Diego for work recently and Mr. Monkey flew in for the weekend to visit family. Along the way I learned that I was eligible for a Hyatt perk and so looked to San Diego to cash them in. I had to look no further once I discovered Andaz, San Diego. Once we got there we were upgraded. I'll place those pics in a separate post. The funny thing about this rooftop bar.lounge.pool area is that once a month it turns into the Skin Zone. I mean they didn't call it that but I did. Mr. Monkey and I sat back, me in my 10 dollar bikini top and 15 dollar skirt and Mr. Monkey in his shorts that were totally in style in 1991 (from a lost and found pile) and we had a couple drinks and soaked it all in - the sun, the skin, the bathing suits that were being worn that were never meant to get wet except for a touch of sweat here and there. It was the appeal of the rooftop pool that convinced me to stay here. Ah imagine the piece and quiet - did I mention the DJ? I think I forgot that. It was so loud it almost bumped the memory from my mind. There was a DJ and it was 4pm in the afternoon on Sunday and the place was bumpin' and grindin' with fake boobs, tans, hair, maybe even muscles - all glittering in the summer Sunday afternoon sun. Ahh, seeing late 20 somethings prance in string bikinis and 5 inch stilettos in front of the 40 somethings trying to look like 20 somethings made me glad for the cultural (using that term liberally here) experience and glad to come home to Oregon where our DJs play from boom boxes next to a sweet shady swimming holes or in the backyard while everyone wanders through the vegetable garden. Needless to say the pictures here were taken the morning after when the party had shut down. We wandered over to the Mission for breakfast where I saw some dude with Coolio hair and I said to Mr. Monkey in my southern california girl talk, "Dude who does that guy think he is, only Coolio can F*ckin get away with that hair. Sh*t man, that brother has some serious balls." Only to hear the table next to us say, "Oh my good is that Coolio, dude it's Coolio, let's go get our picture taken!" Just another morning in paradise!

Heywood Wakefield Lounge & Ottoman: The newest/oldest monkey

Friends, I'm just sneaking a few posts in under the August wire. It's been a busy summer life. Trying to fit in as much fun and work as possible. I think I'm doing well but I'm a bit tired. Oh well, that's what winter is for. So here's a recent Craiglist find from Salem, Oregon. I like to call it the newest oldest addition to the MCM monkey house. She's a beauty. Here's a few pictures of me bringing her over the threshold of our front door. The Crestview door and ottoman were winking at each other I swear. Seriously though she's comfortable and now where I sit daily typing away on this here lap top. Let's see what else can I tell you about her . . . I think she's late 50's early 60's, black vinyl, the head rest is often missing when you come across these or there is no ottoman. Here's a link to one I found as a price comparison - I paid less via Craiglist. At first the chair was priced at $875 and well I know I just couldn't pay that. So I sent a complimentary email to the post author saying how much I adored teh chair and would provide it with a good home if he was not able to find a proper home for his asking price. I offered him a price that was still a bit outside my price range but that I knew I was willing to pay ($500). the proud papa said thank you for your offer. I'll keep your number on hold and get back to you if no better offer materializes. Well lucky for me he lives in Salem and I'm in Eugene and well this type of furniture is not always flying off the shelf. After a month or so he sent me an email, yee haw! On my way to run errands in Portland I stopped with Miss Single Monkey USA and well there was no turning back. We've already received so many compliments on her and she's so comfy I couldn't be happier with my Craiglist treasure. See it's not all porn and massages on there! Seriously though this chair offered me the sophistication of an Eames Lounge chair but allows me to be unique amongst the MCM crowd - not everyone has to have an Eames Lounge chair. It's nice to mix it up. Another perk of this chair is that I'm buying the original and not a reproduction. Ahh here's to finding functional furniture that adds to our aesthetic surroundings. It allows me to enjoy even more my time somewhere in between fun and work.