Dispatches from a Construction Zone: Part 3

Bunchberry Woodworking Cabinet in the shop, push to open door and silent close drawers.
Now we're getting somewhere. I'm a bit tired so I won't be writing a ton but I wanted to share the latest views of the kitchen with you all. Things are moving fast and furious now and I'm no longer "Fear and Loathing" in Remodel-ville. The floors turned out better than we hoped through some major rough spots with Boles Construction, who we would never hire again (future review on Yelp?) and now we welcome the dynamic duo: Mr. Plummer and Mr. Schmitz for the dramatic custom cabinet install. Here are some shots of the early stages. Oh and appliances got delivered today!!!! 
Monday evening, floors not quite done.

Wednesday evening, Bunchberry Woodworking install Day 1.

Thursday, Bunchberry Woodworking install Day 2.

Thursday evening, south facing view.

Thursday night, north facing view


Sunny Times in Santa Barbara Beach House

Formal Living Room


Formal Dining room looking towards bar and kitchen.

Evidence: A little shell art goes a long way.

View of hot tub and ocean for 2nd story sun deck.

View from the corner of our room of Ocean.
Mountain View from sun deck.

Dispatches from a Construction Zone: Part 2

 It's Saturday and Mr. Monkey and I were supposed to be up at a mountain cabin soaking in some hot springs but instead we're home babysitting the flooring process. The above picture is the floor with no treatment. The below pictures show part of the process ending with how the floors looked this morning. Not exactly what we're going for. The major problem is that Mr. Monkey and architect extraordinaire, David Schmitz, AIA of Engage Architecture, met with the contractor and explicitly stated the floors should be smooth in texture, uniform in finish, and level. So far we've only kinda reached the level part. To the credit of the work crew they did return this morning on a Saturday to make it work. I got to sit in on the color mixing process so I could approve the color - a much darker blue grey than what is in the pictures below. We're going for smooth texture, shiny finish, dark blue under layer with dark charcoal gray top layer. Mr. Monkey is at the house now while the crew places another layer on top of this one. They sanded this morning and they'll add a new layer today - hoping for the smoother, darker finish. Fingers crossed that this it the final layer and that Monday they'll be able to stain with the charcoal water-based stain and then add the shiny sealer - two layers of it. At the beginning of last week I was saying, "At the end of this week the floors will be done - yee haw!" Now that time has come and gone and now I'm saying, "By the end of THIS week the floors will be done and maybe even Bunchberry Woodworking will be able to start installation at the end of this week.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  
After the floors were sanded they placed a self-leveler and another material to evenly cover the concrete pad.

This is what we woke up to this morning. Uneven finish, uneven color, level was okay, wrong color.

Here's a close up of some of the texture issues. Imagine walking on this with bare feet. Ickers!

The dining room.

North-facing view.


Kitchen Plans: Engage Architecture

Engage Architecture, David Schmitz, AIA
Things are moving along slowly but surely over here in the construction zone. We've had a delay of several weeks due to the floors. Let's just say that we planned for this to be a 6 week adventure but had planned for an extra couple of weeks - so we were thinking 2 months. We're at the 2 month benchmark and we have a solid two weeks remaining. Mr. Monkey and I have gotten quite cozy in the our 2 room living situation. I actually don't mind it. The big problem is the dirt and the dust. That really gets to me and my lungs and my time. I don't really love cleaning to begin with and having to clean every day before you can relax in your 12 by 12 room is a bummer. But then . . . I look at the above picture and I sigh a deep sigh of "it's totally worth it." And it is. David Schmitz, AIA of Engage Architecture has done a great job being a hands on architect offering lots of support throughout the construction process. The plans have changed slightly - adding pendant lights above the bar - substituting walnut cabinet fronts in place of the turquoise - single door dish washer as opposed to the double drawer thing. We've also decided to hold off on the built in shelving in the corner until we're completely done with the kitchen and our bank accounts have recovered. In the meantime I'll just look at this image and think of all the great hanging out and entertaining that will take place.


Custom Modern Platform Bed: Bunchberry Woodworking

Friends, I don't know what it is but I am one sleepy girl. Was it the super worm moon? The time change for daylight savings time? Or Rib Fest at King Estate? I'm not sure why I've been so tired but I do know that I have been very much appreciating my modern custom platform bed made by Mr. Jonathan Plummer at Bunchberry Woodworking. Jonathan entertained my musings and allowed me to make some drawings and then we talked specs. I showed him the pictures below too which were my inspiration pieces. Jonathan picked up the wood, Western Walnut, locally. He has his Bunchberry Woodworking shop here in the Friendly Street Neighborhood around the corner from our house. So the bed is following along with our effort to keep it local. Also the bed was more affordable than buying a crazy expensive wood frame from New York and having it shipped! You might think that custom furniture is out of your price range but if you know a local artisan it's worth asking for a bid. The top picture is pretty close to the final outcome. I was able to pick up a vintage Saarinen-style side table from Oak Street Vintage that looks like this and completes the look. With the storage (4 drawers) under the bed Mr. Monkey and I are doing a much better of job of keeping the room clean too. Things are a bit cramped right now with the kitchen remodel but heading into our bedroom and seeing the beautiful bed I rest comfortably each knowing I had design the bed and our wonderful neighbor, friend, and artist made it with his own hands and with local Walnut. When furniture shopping it doesn't get much better than that.
Now we've even got Mr. Bunchberry Woodworking creating our custom kitchen cabinets! Check out the twitter (@eugmodernmonkey) feed for some previews.
Suite New York, Doze Bed

Hudson Storage Bed, Room & Board