Dispatches from a Construction Zone: Part 3

Bunchberry Woodworking Cabinet in the shop, push to open door and silent close drawers.
Now we're getting somewhere. I'm a bit tired so I won't be writing a ton but I wanted to share the latest views of the kitchen with you all. Things are moving fast and furious now and I'm no longer "Fear and Loathing" in Remodel-ville. The floors turned out better than we hoped through some major rough spots with Boles Construction, who we would never hire again (future review on Yelp?) and now we welcome the dynamic duo: Mr. Plummer and Mr. Schmitz for the dramatic custom cabinet install. Here are some shots of the early stages. Oh and appliances got delivered today!!!! 
Monday evening, floors not quite done.

Wednesday evening, Bunchberry Woodworking install Day 1.

Thursday, Bunchberry Woodworking install Day 2.

Thursday evening, south facing view.

Thursday night, north facing view

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