Dispatches from a Construction Zone: Part 2

 It's Saturday and Mr. Monkey and I were supposed to be up at a mountain cabin soaking in some hot springs but instead we're home babysitting the flooring process. The above picture is the floor with no treatment. The below pictures show part of the process ending with how the floors looked this morning. Not exactly what we're going for. The major problem is that Mr. Monkey and architect extraordinaire, David Schmitz, AIA of Engage Architecture, met with the contractor and explicitly stated the floors should be smooth in texture, uniform in finish, and level. So far we've only kinda reached the level part. To the credit of the work crew they did return this morning on a Saturday to make it work. I got to sit in on the color mixing process so I could approve the color - a much darker blue grey than what is in the pictures below. We're going for smooth texture, shiny finish, dark blue under layer with dark charcoal gray top layer. Mr. Monkey is at the house now while the crew places another layer on top of this one. They sanded this morning and they'll add a new layer today - hoping for the smoother, darker finish. Fingers crossed that this it the final layer and that Monday they'll be able to stain with the charcoal water-based stain and then add the shiny sealer - two layers of it. At the beginning of last week I was saying, "At the end of this week the floors will be done - yee haw!" Now that time has come and gone and now I'm saying, "By the end of THIS week the floors will be done and maybe even Bunchberry Woodworking will be able to start installation at the end of this week.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  
After the floors were sanded they placed a self-leveler and another material to evenly cover the concrete pad.

This is what we woke up to this morning. Uneven finish, uneven color, level was okay, wrong color.

Here's a close up of some of the texture issues. Imagine walking on this with bare feet. Ickers!

The dining room.

North-facing view.

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