Modern Fences II

Well in one of my recent lay overs at home Mr. Monkey and I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood looking at fences. This is what we came up with. I'm sure there are others but these are the more interesting ones. I'm also posting a picture from Arcosanti that is not a wood fence but a wall instead - one that I've been thinking about in fence form. I think we could leave the center open and filled wih a tinted glass or a small window of woven wood. Just ideas . . .

I'm about ready to just rip out that chain link fence. I'm exercising restraint for the summer though. Since it's our first summer here and on one side of the fence there lives a kiwi plant I'm curious to see if it will bear fruit. So for this summer the chain link will stay. I also was briefly imagining removal of the chain link but keeping the metal posts and building off of that somehow for the new fence. There are craft classes at the local U and they do offer some welding classes . . . but the mind wanders first I have to put away the pile of landry I'm sitting next too then I can think about welding my own fence for the front. Enjoy the pictures of Friendly Street Neighborhood fences.


  1. I love all these fences. Very nice fence and even nicer green things in and around them.
    OMG. Erin wielding a welding iron! Yes. Post photos. I wanna see the kiwi.

  2. Looking for good fence ideas in Hillsboro... thanks for the post!