Living Room

Well I've been hesitant to post pictures of our living room only because I feel like something is missing. Too much neutral perhaps? More color needed? Possibly a nice blue or green rug? Maybe the painting needs to be lower on the wall? 
I have recently been reading "Apartment Therapy: Eight Week Cure". While I haven't been following the guide week by week I have been making some changes and using some of the principals to attempt to make our space more organized and less cluttered. This pursuit of organization has been a long time goal of mine but mostly unattainable. So I'm working at it again and one item of note is that according to the book our bookshelf is too full and we just have too many books. So Mr. Monkey and I have pledged to decrease our book collection that is spread across 3 rooms in our house to just 2 bookshelves in just 2 rooms. I'll let you know how that goes. 
I'm back to Eugene tomorrow where I'll get to see what progress Mr. Monkey has made with the wall unit. We're hosting a party on Friday night and I just hope that we have it all put together by then. I'll post a picture of the whole living room and the wall unit later this week. For now here is a picture of one wall where I changed the lighting recently - a before and after. It's a small change but one that really improves the feel. Now there are 3 sources of light instead of 2 which was insufficient. It's hard to tell with these pictures but the chairs have green and blue threads throughout. I'm not sold on the pillows - one is too bold and the other is too subtle. Oh well I'll just keep tweaking. But I'm happy about the light - and what a find at Oak Street Vintage! I'm so glad they have set up shop in Eugene. Our house is much more stylish because of it. Yay for Oak Street Vintage.


  1. Love the new lamp. I do have a few ideas. 1. Add two more hanging lamps in a funky cluster. 2. Rug. 3. Look at the ceiling.
    I'll also admit to maybe not being a Modernist. I like this more eccelctic.
    Looks like your having fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another place to procrastinate:

  3. I like the idea of a funky cluster of lights . . .

  4. Hi Honey! I love the modern look and the blue hues! Hummm... maybe because I am short, what about lowering the pic and letting the light hang lower??? YOUR MAMA

  5. Hi Erin - Good idea with the blog. Had I known earlier that you were so interested in interior design, we could have had tons of fun with your new place! I hope to check it out on our next visit to Eugene.

    As an interior designer, Midcentury Modern is my favorite era of design. Ebay is a great source for pieces of this era. There are a number of great textile designers now that are making retro fabrics that would work great for upholstering vintage finds.

    I agree with your mom...lower the lamp and the picture. The living room looks great! Perhaps you have a second calling!

  6. Well it looks like the verdict is in. This weekend I'll work on lowering the lamp and the picture. As soon as we hung it I knew the picture was too high but I didn't even think about the lamp. Great ideas!