Kitchen Plans: Engage Architecture

Engage Architecture, David Schmitz, AIA
Things are moving along slowly but surely over here in the construction zone. We've had a delay of several weeks due to the floors. Let's just say that we planned for this to be a 6 week adventure but had planned for an extra couple of weeks - so we were thinking 2 months. We're at the 2 month benchmark and we have a solid two weeks remaining. Mr. Monkey and I have gotten quite cozy in the our 2 room living situation. I actually don't mind it. The big problem is the dirt and the dust. That really gets to me and my lungs and my time. I don't really love cleaning to begin with and having to clean every day before you can relax in your 12 by 12 room is a bummer. But then . . . I look at the above picture and I sigh a deep sigh of "it's totally worth it." And it is. David Schmitz, AIA of Engage Architecture has done a great job being a hands on architect offering lots of support throughout the construction process. The plans have changed slightly - adding pendant lights above the bar - substituting walnut cabinet fronts in place of the turquoise - single door dish washer as opposed to the double drawer thing. We've also decided to hold off on the built in shelving in the corner until we're completely done with the kitchen and our bank accounts have recovered. In the meantime I'll just look at this image and think of all the great hanging out and entertaining that will take place.


  1. It will be awesome, and totally worth it! I can't wait to check it out!

  2. Thanks, Moira! We can't wait to have you all over!