Modern Patio for BBQ

So my latest obsession has been to find a patio set on the cheap for our big BBQ next weekend. We're expecting about 30 people and we only have one long table on the back patio that fits 8. And yes it is modern if you must know. I'll post a picture later this weekend. Me and Mr. monkey made it from reused items from our fave recycling place called BRING. Anyway so I've been trolling craigslist and I'm on my way to check out this set. I can change the seat cushions to modernize it. Any other ideas? I was also thinking about splurging on some modern print beach towels and outdoor pillows as extra seating on the lawn. Okay well I'm off to check out this set. Wish me luck!
UPDATE: We got it. I was able to get a $10 reduction in price so I feel good about that. Send in suggestions for modernization. I was thinking of sanding and staining a darker color. The wood is cedar. . . 


  1. http://ajfisherdesign.com/objects/outdoor_seating.jpg
    for outdoor seating, we have a 4-person expanded metal patio set. the table is capable of supporting an umbrella, which is important. it's good for dinners and small gatherings. when we need extra seating i use our collection of former school chairs (stacked in the nearby shed). they stand up well outside and i like the punches of color.


  2. Thanks for the pics! The former school chairs are a great idea. I love the color and the price point as well. Your back fence looks like ours. . . We had a BBQ recently and we let people paint crazy designs on the fence. I'll have to post pics soon. We'll be tearing down the fence in about a year so I thought it would be fun to make it an evolving art project.