Options for Print Art. . .

My eyes are opening to the world of print artists. There are so many talented people out there and the internet is allowing people like me  in smaller cities like Eugene to discover all the talented artists in cities of all sizes. One of my recent discoveries involves two great websites.
First up: Tiny Showcase. If you are a competitive art and bargain hunter than this is the place for you. Once a week - every Tuesday they release a limited signed edition from one artist. What has happened recently is that I would show up to the tiny showcase Wednesday morning to check out and possibly purchase the latest masterpiece and it would be gone gone gone - that's right - totally sold out! So this is getting frustrating. Until this last time I figured out when the release would occur on Tuesday and I was there and waiting ready to pounce if the print caught my fancy. Well it did and I bought it (a total deal as far as I'm concerned). What I discovered is that within the first 5 minutes of the print being released at least 40/200 were gone! So if you like, you must buy right away because it will not be there tomorrow as I so sadly discovered. Here's my latest artistic purchase for our slowly growing collection. . . This piece titled "Corral Canyon" is from Cole Gerst otherwise known as Option-G. He has designed many things including Vans tennis shoes and skateboards and CD jacketwork and concert posters - basically he's talented in a multimedia sort of way. It's going to go in our bathroom - where the color scheme involves black/white and shades of blue. Plus it gives a shout-out to my SoCal roots as Corral Canyon is a natural space in the Cleveland National Forrest just outside of L.A.
Second up: Thumbtack Press. This site is better for the slightly less competitive art shopper. Here you can browse at you leisure and there is a wider selection of styles and artists. Most prints are an open edition which is why you can get a larger piece of art for about the same price as a smaller piece on tiny showcase. I haven't purchased anything from here yet but I'm going to keep my eye on for when we start decorating our bedroom - you know it's always the last room to get any attention. Anyway that sums up my recent discoveries in the word of print art. Enjoy and have a fabulous 3 day weekend!

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