Coming Down After the BBQ

Well the BBQ was a success. The kids loved the table and chairs. It got tons of use. They were drawn to the color. It's like each little chair called out to each child, "Come sit on me, stand on me, play over here why don't you?" When they got bored of that they went off to pick green tomatoes and find any potentially dangerous item in our back yard. Kids are so good at that! For the adults we ended up buying a lot of my favorite beer - Ninkasi Total Domination IPA. Here's the logo not exactly modern but I - as you might expect - love the color scheme. So much so that I bought a T-shirt for Mr. Monkey.  We got lots of compliments on the living room and the office both of which I know can be even better but by the nice things people said, I think they'll do for now. I need to now work on the other important rooms in our house - our bedroom and the T.V. room. I do now have pictures of the office. I'm still accessorizing but it is pretty much put together. I'll get a picture of that up tomorrow.

For our next shin-dig in August I want to have an adult-centric cocktail party. I'm even thinking of hiring a mixologist and/or a server. Wouldn't that be fun? I could create a very hip bar for the evening. Have lanterns and candles all over . . . plus arrangements with my favorite flower - the dahlia.

Oh in other news I've been asked to help decorate a women's brunch pre-wedding. I'm terribly excited about this. The goal is to be simple, to incorporate nature, and to be beautiful of course. The brunch is on a island off of Vancouver. So if you've got decorating ideas do share in the comments section. 


  1. I just found your blog while out surfing the around the interwebs and thought with a name like that she's gotta be from Eugene, OR!

    I love what you've done with your house. I can't wait to stop renting and have fun with my place too.

    I love Ninkasi as well, I was thrilled when they finally started bottling! I've got the Schwag which is black with silver in on it. Someday when they come back in stock I do want the "Jesus was a homebrewer" shirt!


  2. Thanks, Kiley. I'm overdue to post more pics of some of our other decorating projects so those should be up soon. We are loving our house after renting for so long. Hang in there. It was worth the wait!