Adventures in Craigsland Fizzling Fast

Se we had 2 inquiries on the desk. One was very promising - one not so much. Instead Mr. Monkey junior (the cat) has taken to sitting on the desk. For the last two days I come home and ask the cat, "Well, have you sold the desk yet?" And for two days the cat stares at me blankly - once he blinked at me - possibly to say, "You're in my sun, beat it." So I've concluded that I'm a horrible sales person and Mr. Monkey - the man, not the cat - has concurred. Apparently it's not a good idea to tell your potential buyer that no one else is interested in your highly desirable item. Also it's not a good idea to tell people that they shouldn't feel obligated and then go on to say something like they can have it for $5 cheaper. Also be advised that you should not say it will probably end up at Goodwill. Make note - these are all bad things to do when trying to sell your highly desirable piece. Let's just say I'm into learning the hard way. Anyone want a desk? It's highly desirable, really . . . 


  1. I'm laughing.
    And then thinking.... Am I laughing at her pain. Well, yes, but only in the most loving way possible.
    Aww.... Mrs. Monkey. Don't feel bad. I think with these lessons in hand you are on your way to be a killer sales person.
    Oh, and I just had a crazy idea. What if you re-post to craigslist, but this time put a copy of Playboy just peaking out of the top drawer?

  2. Thanks, Bobcat. I had hoped my trials in Craigsland would be humorous because well there's no good feeling bad about it. I like your idea about posing Mr. Meow Meow Monkey Cat in the picture next time. Maybe I'll call it a "cat climbing tree" instead of a desk. : )