Faux Bois Box, Baby!

SO my pictures are a bit crooked? But you get the idea, right? A super cute little faux bois (fake wood) bill filing box. A thrift store find for a buck 99 (she says huffing on her nails and rubbing them on her lapel)! Anyway apart from these Dahlias I found (not hard to discover) at the farmer's market recently this lil' bois box is a super score as far as i'm concerned. Have an incredibly long weekend - soaking up every modern moment - and I'll catch up with you in September. This coming month we will be focusing on decorating the T.V. and master bed rooms. I'm going to need lots of input so study up on modern design on a budget because I'm going to need it. Note that I said "decorate" and not "re-decorate" we haven't touched them at all other than to dump too much furniture in. Typical story, right? The bedroom is always left for last. . .  Cheers!

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