More Modern Patio

So one little piece of modern living that I'm proud of and that I have to show off whenever we have visitors is our patio table. Check it out. The whole set was purchased from Bring Recycling. First we found the pocket door that looked like surplus - new but never been used. Then we started looking for legs and found the yellow metal sawhorses. Then we found the chairs. Add an ikea light fixture and you're all set for less than $50!  The "art" on the wall is leaving thanks to a deal I made with Mr. Monkey. The "art" has sentimental value for him  . . .  The rocking chair in the corner was a thrift store find. I'm thinking about painting the sawhorses and nice shade of blue or green. Plus we're on the lookout for newer chairs. These are not bad but I'm not a fan of the golden yellow hue and it's too much work to reupholster 3 dollar chairs - not worth it. What do you think about tulip chairs? Hope you find yourself sitting in a modern patio soon!


  1. I love the patio! And what a bargain. Is this blog a pitch for your own HGTV series?
    If you don't want to reupholster these chairs, you could paint or stain the frame red to match your rocker and the snazzy Coleman? Well, on second thought... that might not be a good idea.
    Maybe a little more red...
    Somewhere... but where? And you'll be losing the red accent in the sentimental art. Hmm.... Oo, saw horse legs!
    Again I'm stricken with second thoughts. Sage and red is a tricky combo and probably not something to run too far with. My bobcat instincts have gotten away from me.
    I like these chairs.. and the golden hue... What can I say? I'm a little wacky. I'd screw brass handles on the backs of the chairs and use all the money you save to get a funky buffet.

  2. I'm liking the red accent idea. We do have a reddish front door so we could certainly play off of that. Because sadly the front door is staying for a least a little while. Hmm, something to ponder. As for HGTV, you're too kind - I'm content to be an observer (read: obsessor). Oh and the coleman is not a permanent fixture, I promise. I was just lazy after party clean up.