Adventures in L.A. L.A. Land: Part III

There's no doubt about it - this kitchen rocks! This kitchen is mostly vintage - found in a gorgeous California Modern Living house in the Cliff May tradition. Of course things like the cooktop were updated within the last 20 years. But the folks living here are the original owners and these cabinets are to die for. You just don't see these much anymore and in this amazing condition. You're probably thinking, "well the color is cool but. . ." It's true the color is super sweet but the materials  - a metal  of some sort covered in enamel - make this kitchen indestructibly modern. The drawer pulls were a very ergonomic wedge. Note the brown thin narrow rectangle in the right corner of the bottom drawers. Yup, it's a pull out cutting board! Plus there is a twin on the other side of the kitchen for symmetry and function! Last but far from least is the great globe overhead lighting. This kitchen belongs to the grandparent of one of our friends. We had the restful post-wedding brunch at this house and to be sure although the company and pool beckoned I really just wanted to sit a spell in this lovely location. Thanks to the brides for a fabulous weekend in LaLaLand. It was the best ever! Cheers to an excellent California Summer of Love. And cheers to the future Fall on our doorstep - a great time for nesting in modern spaces. I think I found a place for the Modernica Rocker - so stay tuned!

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