Themed Parties: LOST

Dharma labeled beer & island themed center piece.
Fabric from JoAnn's Fabric store to reference Dharma logo.
Dharma Fish Biscuits via Chef Robin
More Dharma beer being consumed by rabbits #8 and 15.

Greetings Friends!
For those of you who pay attention to T.V. Land you are well aware that this is the last season of LOST and in fact there are only 4 episodes left. We often hoof it over to other people's houses for the weekly viewing and outstanding potluck fare (food often featured in this My Way Around the Kitchen blog of Mrs. C) because our T.V. room is wee and there's just not enough room for all of "we". So Mr. Monkey and I have traditionally hosted the "wrap" party for the last 3 seasons. Fortunately I have pictures to document last year's season finale. The themed party is a fun diversion for a decorating freak like me. I'm always looking for ways to up-the-styling-anty. Last year, if I do say so myself (hear breathing on nails and brushing on shirt), we went all out with costumes and everything! Above are a few highlights. Below are the low lights - namely us (scary child Charlotte overgrown from eating too many Dharma chocolate bars before dinner and the meant to be scary dude who tried to put an LSD soaked sugar cube in Sayid) - plus a last minute Mr. Cluck's Friend Chicken Bucket. Now why am I posting about this party from last year? Because the party for this year is coming up - only about a month and half away and it's got to be a blow out. We've kept it small the last few years but for the final wrap party we will be inviting all friends who are fans of LOST. Of course we'll have Dharma labeled food and beverages but we're gonna have to go bigger and better. We're sticking with costumes for sure. What suggestions do you all have for decorations? What type of center pieces? Flowers? Signs? Posters? Palm trees? Food? Speciality drinks? Smoke monster? And finally the big question - how can we incorporate the theme of time travel? So many questions for one special party and so little time. Unless there was a parallel world . . .

Photos courtesy of Dr. Brian Warf.


  1. Hi:)
    I am obsessed with Lost and often find myself thinking about it...I hope that the last 4 episodes will give us some answers. The party looks amazing! Love the fish biscuits and the beer labels.

  2. Thanks! Yes, we'll have to have the beer labels and fish biscuits again. We had labels for all sorts of things last year but I forgot to take pictures. I'll do a better job documenting this year. Let the party planning commence!

  3. I LOVE Lost!!!! This is awesome, you even had the fish biscuits....I love the Beer, I want some....how??....where??? did you get those cans?