Colorful Kitchens: Mosaic Tiles

Evit Tiles

Sunset Magazine, Thomas J. Story
As you know we've got kitchens and color on the brain. Should we go the more traditional route and add our kitchen color via the black splash? OR should we do something a bit more daring and add color in the cabinetry? Here are some pictures that demonstrate both ideas. What do you think? Add your two cents in the comments. I'm leaning one way and Mr. Monkey is leaning the other. David the architect is coming over tomorrow to share tile samples . . .  I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
Sunset Magazine, John Granen

Baltimore Rowhouse Blog, Click link for more pics


  1. I like picture three with the color on the face of the lower cabinets. It's mostly traditional, with the undeniable warmth of wood. It has a little something extra, without being too wacky. -Bobcat.

  2. We're trying to stay away from wacky for sure - good advice. Thanks, Bobcat.

  3. OMG - I absolutely LOVE the color and style of the first picture - with the aqua/teal circle tiles!!

  4. I LOVE the colored cabinets. I would get really sick of the tile fast. Once it's tiled - it's that way for a long long time. Tile also can look busy if you have a lot of other decor around it - whereas the colored cabinets are larger blocks of color and therefore more minimal. Plus you can do a monochromatic theme, tonal, or complementary. Here is a link to some cabinets I love:

  5. Thanks, Maria and Sabrina. I love the rainbow cabinet post you linked to, Sabrina. What a great idea. You might have guessed I'm the one leaning towards colored cabinets and Jeremy is leaning towards tile. We'll see how persuasive I can be . . .