Schoolhouse Electric Lighting on its way!

I just learned that our pendant lights from Schoolhouse Electric shipped today and they should be here by the end of the week! Very exciting. I'm still looking for a flush mount ceiling light for the hallway. Let me know if you have any great ideas or pictures. Here's a picture of our pendant lights. The one on the left. It's from the Artist Series - a local Portland artist in fact! We chose the blue and red version and I can't barely remember now but I think I chose a white ceiling fixture and white cord. I hope that turns out well. Technically they're considered custom. One drawback of the Schoolhouse Electric website is that is doesn't give you a visual mockup of what you're ordering so you just kinda have to close your eyes, picture it, and click "purchase." I wrote more detail about the lights back here. I did take the plunge and purchase 2 bar stools. They were a bit outside our price range so it's just 2 for now and hopefully another 2 or so in a few months. I'll get pictures posted later this week with all the deets. Also friends, I completely didn't think about it but we're gonna be in the market other furniture too! There is some sort of snowball effect happening here I think. We didn't stop to think about fitting our old couches and chairs and table into our new space. Hmm, while the kitchen may be done soon the overall new look may still be a ways off. In the meantime however we are really enjoying the basics like having a kitchen sink!

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