Modernica Bar Stools: Eames Wire Chair

Well here they are. . . after many days of going back and forth about whether to buy something inexpensive to just meet the need or to spend the money on that which would fit the space exactly we went for the later. Now having had these lovely Modernica Eames wire bar stools for the last month or so I have to say I'm very happy with that choice. We couldn't really shell out the cash to buy 4-5 of these stools but the two are working for us for right now. Mr. Monkey was adamant about finding bar stools with a full back. He did not want a demi-back bar stool. This substantial stool supports our lounging over dinner and drinks for hours and so let it be known Mr. Monkey was right on this one.

I was so excited I took a picture of the boxes they came in!

As a part of this purchase we debated the wether to wait and find vintage stools. This proved to be challenging because Eames vintage bar stools do not come around very often. We looked at some really gorgeous Danish Teak with black leather bar stools at Oak St. Vintage (they're still there in case you're wondering) but they turned out to be counter height (24 inches or so) and not bar height (30 inches or so) which is what we were looking for. Another more patient furniture lover might have waited and searched for just the right bar stools but once I saw these beauties I knew they would be just right. By the time Fall rolls around we hope to be able to buy two more. I'm still having one debate though. Should I stick with the Eames wire chair or should we add 2 Eames shell chairs in oatmeal with the same legs?

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  1. OMG! What amazing timing.
    We're debating bar stools now. Your suggestion of Modernica is right up my alley. Why Ms. Monkey must you introduce me to something so cool, but budget crunching!!?! Ms. Bobcat is not convinced, but I'm thinking about about busting the piggy bank for a set of the counter stools in the orange fiberglass.