Register Guard Profile: Loving the space we live in

This is the before of the next picture.

This is the after from same perspective!
We've had a beautiful fall here in Eugene. Sunny and crisp cold days make for a wonderful running, walking, and wine tasting season. It's also been a wonderful season to stay in the house by the warm wood stove and snuggle. This is the first fall/winter we've lived in the new kitchen/living room space and we are indeed loving the space we live in. We love it so much we want to share it. We were able to recently share the kitchen in our local newspaper the Register Guard. Here's a link to the Register Guard Kitchen story. Be sure to click on the tab above the article to see the photos. I've added some photos here that I took awhile ago so you can get the whole perspective.
David from engage: ARCHITECTURE and Jonathan (Bunchberry Woodworking Blog here) came over to answer Kelly's, the staff writer, questions. It was fun to have David and JP here again and seeing the space lived in. Mr. Monkey and I of course cleaned the kitchen for hours before the big photo shoot but Mr. Monkey couldn't be here the day of the photoshoot. The photographer wanted to come back to get pictures of Mr. Monkey and I together in the kitchen and after 2 missed appointments (not due to us) we finally made it happen. We do like the pictures and my only regret is not having my love quoted in the article as well. Mr. Monkey always has good insight to offer. In the end it was a positive experience and now we're wondering if we should try to share the work beyond our little region. Does anyone know a Sunset Mag staffer?

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