Palm Springs Modern Home Rentals: Your Next Vacation?

Our Palm Springs vacation rental home. Apparently a former residence of none other than Liberace himself!
Mustard colored front door and grated front window.
Welcome home!
Once past the entry way you have the kitchen to the right and living room to the right.
The living room with a bit of toddler proofing (bench blocking fireplace).
Our comfy living room perfect for cocktails and family games.

The outdoor dining room shares windows with the main dining, kitchen, and living area.
Everything was included except for your family, good times, and a special Mr. Monkey making margarita's.
January is almost over but since New Years is my favorite holiday I try to stretch out the fun and relaxation as long as possible. One way I can do that is by revisiting pictures from our last vacation. For this past holiday we rented a home with our chosen family. I love staying in a beautiful hotel but there's nothing like the comfort and flexibility of renting a vacation home. You can create your own dream modern getaway by renting from vacation rental websites like this. It's a nice alternative to a hotel especially when traveling with a group and with kids. I love being able to settle into a home for an extended period of time. I also love that when we travel with friends and family we all get the chance to lay about in our pjs and have lazy mornings and naps by the pool. And those who choose to stay up late snuggled up by the outdoor fire pit with a glass of wine telling stories of our lives can do that too. Over the next few blog posts I'll be revisiting some of our modern design and mid-century modern site-seeing excursions. We visited notable MCM Palm Springs sites and a few Palm Spring hotels that have been marked notable by the design world. We also made it to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see their, "California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way" exhibit. While we couldn't take pictures of it all we managed to get some pix of the highlights. 

Happy new years! Cheers to living modern and living well.

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