Doughnuts for Civil Liberties Defense Center

Recently we had a little fun and fundraiser for Civil Liberties Defense Center. I simply bought a few dozen of the finest doughnuts from Oregon's famous Voodoo Doughnuts. We had bacon maple bars for the meat lovers and the vintage Danish teak tray in the front of the table is filled with Vegan doughnuts. Everyone stuffed themselves full of doughnuts for a great cause. We raised about $400 with just about 30 people and a bunch of doughnuts. It was a small effort but every little bit counts for small non-proftis that operate on a lean budget but who also pack a strong punch where it matters. In the case of CLDC they are constantly working to educate the community about our civil liberties. I love a great excuse to eat a great doughnut!  

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