Mid-century Modern Toys: Trading Cards!

I should have known. There are trading cards for anything! Including ones that are space aged themed for the mid-century spaced-obsessed Bobby and Marsha. Are there mid-century modern furniture trading cards? I would certainly stock up. The cool cards in these pics are part of the San Fran Airport's  (SFO) series of art in the airports.  Click here and here for other toy pics from the same showing. SFO . . . UFO . . . coincidence? I think not! Click on the pictures to get a closer view and read the text of the "Sputnik 1" Space card. These cards not only have great art but they are educational too! I also love how they are self-referencing "See Card no. 2 - Dog In Space". You can by scanning the pic to the right and card no. 2 is there for your reading enjoyment. I think I most love the two cards below though - "Enjoying Earthshine" and "It's easy - on the moon." I'm going to use that line around here when I have to vacuum - "Augh! It would be so much easier if I were on the moon. Mr. Monkey, can we move already?"

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