Not so Modern Hotel Rooms: Southern Oregon

So the last of my Southern Oregon Adventures were this past week. Here I thought I'd show the crazy range of places that I stayed in southern Oregon. The first is on the Oregon coast in a town called Bandon. The room was super small but check out the sweet view! I have to say that I was not so keen on the nautical theme (no rhyme intended) but the skylight was perfect in the middle of the night - the stars and moon were gleaming through. The other bit I loved about this room at the Sea Star Guesthouse was the location - right around the corner from the Alloro Wine Bar also in Old Town Bandon - I had duck with a cherry sauce on top and grilled endive plus sauteed chanterelle mushrooms - so delish!
Next up on my Southern Oregon tour was Ashland - well known for their Shakespeare Festival this little gathering of cottages called The Palm was a welcome respite in the long line of hotel rooms. This place should be in Sunset Magazine if it hasn't been already. I guess they had just re-decorated my room which was cute and had a nice mix of retro and 50's style but with a more contemporary (circa late 90's) flare.   

The price was right at both stop overs for $69.00. Of course they were now charging their off-season rates but either way it was a great deal and much more homey than any Best Western or any similarly cloned chain hotel. SO I'm still in pursuit of that perfectly modern hotel in Oregon but the Palm does have some nice MCM touches in other units.

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