New House Numbers

Remember way back when I started this whole blog thing? Well if you don't head back over here. Me and Mr. Monkey were in a debate about house numbers. I didn't really feel like blowing $20 or more per number - it just wasn't worth it. Plus the futura font just doesn't match the house outdoor aesthetic. So after visiting 2 hardware stores and not finding what I was looking for I decided that these more craftsman style numbers would work well with the front of the monkey house. And another great characteristic is that they were cheap and easy to install. Gotta love it! Our old house numbers can be seen here (numbers are next to garage). Drum roll please  . . . I would like to introduce our new house numbers.  I also covered the horrible fake beveled glass look on our front door with a window screener. During the day I can't see the beveled-ness at all - at night it can be seen through the film. Not a great solution but a good temporary one. I just hated looking at the beveled floral arrangement every day. Yuck! 
Upcoming posts will include a before and after of the bathroom - it was a simple redo - mainly a new shower curtain - but it's amazing what a big difference that little change can make. Have a modern autumn day!


  1. Gracias! I'll get a front of the house shot one of these days when the sun comes back out. : )