New Modern Ceiling Fan!

Here it is! I'm so happy with it for a number of reasons. 1) The price was right at $49.00! 2) The size was right - small for our low ceilings. 3) It has more blades and therefore moves more air than the last one. Other benefits - the blonde wood blades go with the floors, and the silver hardware matches the hardware - door knobs in the house with the exception of the front door which is on it's way out sometime soon . The white fan is similar to what we had and believe me it was bad. I'm so glad it's gone. Originally we were looking at more expensive fans that were more than $200 dollars but they were often too big and looked too much like airplane propellors. I really didn't think that we would be able to make the change for less than $100 bucks so I was really surprised when we went to our local hardware store Jerry's Home Improvement Center and we found this wee modern fan. Yeah for wee fans, local hardware stores, and wee price tags!

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