Sunday Fun at Bring Recycling

In past blogs I've mentioned one of our favorite diversions just on the outskirts of town - Bring Recycling.  A new initiative at Bring includes recycling natural cork from wine and champagne bottles. I hope programs like this will help to bring down the costs of cork floors - because they are lovely to look at but are still a touch outside our price range.  Anyway I've included some pics of the Bring building which was built from many recycled products and with "green" concepts in mind. We were there today to donate several items: 1) The old front door light fixture, 2) the desk that I was unable to sell on Craiglist,(see here too) 3) the ceiling fan that we changed out last weekend. It felt especially great to get rid of the desk that had embarrassingly sat next to the front door for far too long. It worked well to hold our Halloween pumpkins but beyond that it was just collecting dirt! We also went to Bring to peruse for a new/re-used front door. I have been loathing ours for a while and I think we just will keep dropping by in search of new doors. Even though we were looking for doors I get stuck looking at the light fixtures. Here are a few pictures of cool light fixtures that you could re-use in your retro-pad if you lived in Eugene/Springfield/Cottage Grove/Creswell area.  I snagged a little globe light for a buck to switch out with the one I was not so pleased with - more on that later. Anyway I hope you have a great recycling center in your neighborhood that like Bring is super fun to sort through and that you can repurpose items every once in awhile. Happy hunting!

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