Fun Thrift Store Finds

This entry could also be called "Cheap New World". It was lovely being in La Jolla and checking out houses that only uber money can buy. But now I'm back in Eugene and living La Vida Local. So I thought I'd highlight some simple and cheap finds from local thrift stores as of late. The chair you might recall was part of my first Craigslist endeavor. The chair cost about $75 and was a part of a package deal with another chair plus a 3 person couch. The proportions work well in our small living room. There are technically only 3 new items in the picture. The first is the Cliff May book and besides the chair it is the most expensive item in the scene. The second is the pot that the succulent is in, is also new but was super cheap at less than $7 dollars at Down to Earth here in Eugene, a slightly trendy mostly practical home and garden store. I also love that the plant pot is biodegradable made out of left over bamboo pulp. At the store they said it should last about 5 years in doors - just about the right time for when I will be growing tired of it. It's weakening fiber will be timely. The glass vase and side table were both purchased at Goodwill on separate outings. The vase I think was more expensive than the table at $7 bucks which was a lot for me to spend on a vase but I knew I need something big and green for the side table - which was purchased for $5 bucks at the same store a few years before.
The table has seen some serious use. On one of my trips away Mr. Monkey decided to use a clear stain on a table he was working on and decided to place the brushes and can lid on this little side table leaving a not-so-nice visual reminder. It also sat outside for a whole summer and when the outdoors didn't destroy it and the marking from crafty Mr. Monkey came off I brought it back inside. The wee side table had proven itself worthy of playing a more prominent role in our day to day lives.
Finally I did want to note the magazine holder. I see these little golden hot rods all over the place - this one in particular I bought for a whopping $4.99 (and got a penny in change - no sales tax). If it's five bucks you can bet I'll get it just to see if it will work - and it did. Not long after I saw another slightly more elaborate golden magazine holder for nearly $20 bucks so I felt that I really got a deal. But to be truthful these little finds are all over the place waiting to be discovered (this theory first discussed here). Finally, the third new item - the plants too were about $5.00 each.The green pillow, which has been repurposed many times over was also less than $10 bucks on sale at a big box store. I bought it back when I was not so wise. So this is my mini-lesson on how good style does not have to be expensive. I guess it took my time to venture out to the Thrift stores and sometimes I come home with nothing - but it's the adventure that's the most fun and the joy of finding something you love for an affordable price. So even though times are tight for many people - funky functional items can be found for a deal! Cheers!

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