Livin' La Vida La Jolla

Oh happy day! Don't get me wrong - Fall in Eugene is gorgeous. The leaves are beautiful and multicolored. The air is brisk and if it's dry it's perfect for going for a run. This weather is invigorating. But over the weekend we were in La Jolla California visiting family and friends. Our dear friend, Brew, is doing a post-doc at UCSD and we were more than happy to visit her. Friday night just she and I went out to dinner at WhisknLadle There I was so pleased to find this thoroughly modern dining room for private parties. The lights remind me of those you can find here  at Niche Modern - where I drool over the light fixtures every now and now. It made my eyes twinkle to see the "Solitaire" in person. I have yet to see it in Eugene but I'll keep on the looking. As for the restaurant the food was great - the wine selection was overpriced. But Brew and I had a lovely time livin' la vida in La Jolla just for la weekend.

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