Holiday Present Idea #1

So as you know I strongly advocate for Thrift Store shopping. There are so many benefits which include the protection of the environment (not buying new stuff that was taxing on the earth to build and transport) and of course the protection of the resources within your wallet as well. With this in mind I was perusing the thrift store shelves once again a few months ago and I stumbled across this lovely wee sugar and creamer set. I love the milk glass for its simplicity and its neutrality. So you may not know what your aunt has in her kitchen or your sister-in-law's china color scheme but you can rest assured that these are so cute and neutral that the gift recipient will surely find a time to make use of them. They are sure to brighten up anyone's Sunday brunch. Oh yes, and the price you ask - well take a guess. Less than 20? Why yes. Less than 10? Yup. In fact they were labeled at $2.99 each. Here in Oregon we don't have sales tax so in fact when I handed over 6 bucks I actually got 2 cents back!  This little set could be part of a larger basket that you put together for someone with a tea or coffee theme. Unique and resourceful gifts can be found on the cheap and since I'm not the crafty type this is a solid holiday solver for me. Now the only question is who is the lucky recipient?

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