New Front Door Light

This top picture is what we have today - it's the AFTER! Every time I see the little globe light it  makes me think, "Thank gawd, those awful butterflies have flitted away!"

This is the before-before.
Before-before: what the house came with. ^

What we ended up with and I am very pleased even though it is "just a globe light" as Mr. Monkey labeled it.

The in-between before. This clear light only lasted for a week.
Here we are with a close up of the final. (Kindly excuse the cob webs).
Once again I'm working on making small changes around our house. I'm looking for small changes that make a big impact - at least in the way I feel everyday in the house. For this little project we worked on the front door light. The in between light we got for 6 bucks at the local hardware store (not a big box hardware store either!). But once it was up (thanks to Mr. Monkey) I was just not as happy as I had hoped. So when we went to Bring recycling in search of a new/re-used front door we saw these globe lights for a buck. I wasn't sure if it would fit but I figured for a buck it was worth the risk. And to my delight and the delight of Mr. Monkey - he was not happy about the thought of changing out another fixture - it fit - the light fixture and my fancy. The previous owner had left us with the very nice craftsman styled butterfly light. So we took it and it's parts to Bring Recycling so that someone with a cutie crafty could make good use of it. It was a nice and sturdy fixture just not to our liking.  I like to think of our new addition as the little-globe-light-that-could (give us a more MCM look, that is). I know it's a bit piecemeal at this point but the front door is next. Bring R. had a couple of options that are similar to these Crestview Doors just minus the major price tag and plus a couple decades of use. So we're keeping our eyes open. We saw two re-useable doors at Bring that were in the same style as the "Grover"As always we'll keep you posted. Later this week I'll share another holiday find from the best little store-in-a-house in Eugene, Oak St. Vintage.


  1. your not too red door reminds me of my childhood house. makes me happy!

  2. We painted our door almost the same red as you, great minds and all that. I have been wishing for a crestview door ferry to show up but alas I think not.Especially since Jan 09 they are no longer going to sell direct to consumer, because of the downturn in the economy. So I am on the salvage train for a mid century door myself, good luck.

  3. I didn't know that about Crestview, thanks for the update. Maybe I should just do it and squeeze an order in. I've also been salvage hunting - just went again 2 days ago. My problem is that I'm finding the right style but the quality is poor. The wood is veneer and it seems like not very cold proof.
    Oh and I hear that red doors bring prosperity.