Modern Holiday Present Idea #2

Well the days for shopping are winding down. So here is one more idea for those of you struggling to find an inexpensive but unique purchase for that lover-of-all-things-mod in your life. I found these little Danish salt and pepper shakers at a thrift store - one my faves - Oak St. Vintage. These little sheik little mod shakers were $15 dollars! Such a deal for that lovely look of metal and wood together. Once again by buying something that has been used previously  you are also doing good by our planet! Love it! Cheers and here's to shaking it up like a polaroid picture or cute Danish modern S n' P Shaker. 


  1. I remember these shakers when i was a kid. I also remember the problem with them: Not enough holes for spice to exit, especially the pepper. I'm thinkin' one pepper hole, that's it, just one. Am i right? Those crazy Danes probably think it's more important to have a beautiful table than a tasty meal.

  2. Excellent point, Mildred. I just started using them this week and there is one hole on one and three holes on the other. I can never remember which is which (S or P) but it's true the one holed shaker you have to shake - umm let's say vigorously! : ) For the moment I going to buy some finer ground salt and pepper. Fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about our new table! I do know about these. They are made by Stelton and were very expensive, in fact stelton is still expensive now. They were also designed by Arne Jacobsen of furniture design fame (ant chair, egg chair, swan chair, etc) so yeah, good find.