Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs

On our way home from the southern hemisphere we stopped over in Palm Springs to ride the new year wave with our chosen family. We're a queer bunch we decided - scientific yet artsy (depending on who you ask), rigid sometimes in our demand for creativity (ironic, I know), free expression, plus a bit nudity just to keep it real. Each new years we demand supreme conversation, sublime cocktails, supine seating preferably by a source of warmth - usually in the form of water or fire, let's see what else . . . scrumptious mouth feels, raucous games, singing, and as much laughing as needed - the kind that will make you puke if possible - there was lots of that - laughing and puking - but not at the same time (a slight stomach flu crashed the retreat). Every year our new years is an absolute recharging of the soul (but usually without the stomach flu - blech). This year we decided on Palm Springs to satiate all of our needs - including my need for all things mid-century modern. We rented this sweet honeypot of a place and we camped out for 4 nights along side the pool and spa. Damn that felt good. Well the house was a cool little mid-century modern house - so while we forgot to venture out for the architectural tour of P.S. our neighborhood had some nice examples including our own digs. Our Palm Springs Vacation Rental was the perfect example of mid-century modern architecture updated without losing it's wonderful MCMness. We made full use of the MCM ideals of living outside and making use of the outdoor space as an extension of the interior. One day we did make it into town for some design inspiration that will be another post before the end of the month. For now, please accept these pictures of our vacation home as a bit of inspiration. Note the monochrome mosaic tile in the bathroom, a subtle feature but one of my favorites. It rained all day today here in Eugene and it's helpful to remember warmer MCM moments. Cheers!

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