More Modern Palm Springs: Galleria

My bank account does not allow for big splurges on design but a girl can dream, can't I? I did quite a bit of dreaming and drooling over New Years vacation in Palm Springs. Our best find on our outing was the Palm Springs Galleria. The tienditas are on the main drag North Palm Canyon Road. A nice feature of the Galleria is the layout. It's like an antique mart but for MCM hounds. With about 10 different little shops, each housing a different dealer, all sharing a similar aesthetic. T'was a gorgeous sunny 74 degree January day and the dealers had a small sandwich and cookie buffet out - a nice touch for a holiday weekend. The Galleria is a great shopping environment - a few items seemed overpriced because your in MCM Mecca but for the most part the prices seemed spot on for what you're getting. There were so many fun objects I could have spent hours. So instead of mush and gush about each item I'm just going to let you feast your eyes on a few pictures - each one a miniature menagerie of all the great goodies the Galleria had to offer. My fave pieces are below, including the gigantic wrench. After seeing a large cork screw and can opener in a friend's house I just can't get enough of oversized everyday items.

I really really thought about buying this "e" - for Eugene - for the first letter of my name - for it's funky shape. But it's $675 price tag was outside of my league. We just got back from spending money on a southern hemispheric vacation after all. It was not a time for splurging on super cool decor items. I still dream of it though . . .

Love love love this metal lamp! I love everything about it except for its price tag!

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